Bus travel is a popular way to get around in France and gives you easy, affordable access to big cities,  tiny towns and everything in between. So if you prefer taking buses to Paris France then you’ll be happy to know that Paris is a major bus junction for buses both within France as well as from London (via the Channel Tunnel) and numerous other European cities.

You might be surprised upon you arrival to Paris when you realize that you’re not technically even in Paris, but rather on the outskirts in the eastern suburb of Bagnolet.

So why is it that a major bus travel destination like Paris doesn’t even have a bus station right smack in the middle of the city? Well, in the 1990’s, France’s government wanted to cut back on buses clogging the city center and established incentives for long distance buses not to drive into the center, hence it’s not-quite-central location.

The bulk of international and domestic buses run by Eurolines, Europe’s largest bus operator, are based out of the main “gare routiere” at 28 avenue du General-de-Gaulle. However, there’s no need to worry about  getting from the station in Bagnolet to the top Paris attractions and experiences in Paris. Just hope on line 3 from Metro Gallieni to the city center and you’ll be there in roughly a half an hour.

Eurolines France
Address: 28 av. Du General-de-Gaulle, 93541 Bagnolet, France
Telephone: 08-92-89-90-91
Website: www.eurolines.fr