Travel to Paris

Traveling to Paris is not difficult.  That’s because you will have lots of options available.  These options can make your tour convenient and easier. At a glance, here the possible means of transport to get to the City of Light.

Air Travel to Paris

Paris has two airports.  The bigger one is Charles De Gaulle.  You will find yourself here if you take an international direct flight to Paris.

Charles De Gaulle is a very large and busy airport complex There are three main terminals at this airport.  Most probably, you will land at terminal 2 which is the biggest terminal of CDG.

Upon arriving at the airport, you need to take a stop at the closest information and traveler’s desk.  You can get maps of the city as well as valuable information such as hotel accommodations, transport services, and travel catalogs.

Paris Flights would be quite expensive.  However, this is the fastest and the most convenient way to get to Paris.  Besides, you can take advantage of some air fare deals offered by airline companies during off-peak season.

Travel to Paris by Train

There is a direct railway connection from London to Paris through the Eurostar trains.  Taking Paris trains will allow you to enjoy traveling through the Channel Tunnel which is an unforgettable experience.

You can also enjoy the European country side view if you are getting to Paris by train.  Eurostar also serves routes from other European cities to Paris.

You can cut your travel cost if you fly to London through its budget airliners and then proceed to Paris though the Eurostar train.

Land Trip to Paris

You can also easily travel to Paris on a bus.  There are numerous overnight travel packages offered by several European bus liners.

So, if you will come from Berlin, Madrid, Brussels and other nearby European cities, riding a bus to Paris will be very convenient also.  Bus liners going to Paris are very comfortable.  These are coaches with a lavatory and on-board video or audio players.

You can also enjoy the wide and beautiful European countryside if you travel to Paris by bus.

Enjoying a Special Ferry Service

Going to Paris via ferry boat is a special service.  There are some companies offering this type of travel.  Ferry travel to Paris adds romance to your trip.  And if you travel in summer, you can enjoy calm waters and beautiful sunny ambiance of the French coast.

You need to check with your travel agent if they can offer ferry travel services.  Or you can ask for referrals if you really want to experience an exquisite ferry service in getting to Paris.