While it may seem that the busy streets of the French capital are brimming with Paris France taxis, you’ll often encounter the problem actually finding one that’s open!

The taxi system in Paris is heavily regulated and very unionized, allowing only 15,000 cabs to be out and in business at any given time. Oftentimes it seems that there are simply not enough cabs to go around.

On the positive end, Paris taxis are metered and fares are surprisingly reasonable, averaging between 6 and 12 euros for a central journey during the day (fares at night increase).

You can hail cabs in the street when their signs are lit up and read “libre” (available). However, at rush hour (lunchtime, anytime after 7:00pm), don’t even try to hail a taxi, as you’ll quickly find out that it’s borderline impossible. Your best bet is to wait at a taxi stand, or “arret taxi”, until one pulls up. Often located near Metro stations, Paris boasts just under 500 of these convenient stands.

Finally, you can always call a taxi company with an address at which to pick you up. However, keep in mind that you’ll be charged starting at the moment when the taxi begins the drive to come get you. Below we have listed a few well-known Paris taxi companies that you can call:

Les Taxis Bleus

Taxi G7

Alpha Taxis