Carting around over 5 million passengers each day, Paris France has Europe’s second busiest metro system and, especially when combined with the RER suburban lines, is the simplest and cheapest way of getting from point A to point B in Paris. Metro tickets can be bought as single trips or in packs of 10, which saves you a few Euros if you plan to use the Metro more than once or twice. Also keep in mind that the  Paris Metro and bus systems use the same tickets.

The Paris France Metro, also known as the Metropolitan, opened its first line in 1900 and has since grown to be one of the most complete metro systems in the world. So complete, in fact, that no matter where you are in the city you’ll rarely find yourself more than 500 meters from a metro station. There are literally hundreds of stations within Paris’ 41 square kilometers!

Paris Metro boasts 16 lines, the bulk of which are underground. Each line has its own number and its own color, making it easy to navigate metro maps. The final destination of each line, which is how you know the direction in which you are or need to be traveling, is clearly marked on train cars, on subway maps and in the underground passageways.

Metro maps are free at most stations, though some are rather vague. The best maps are those which overlay the Metro lines on Paris maps, which allows you to see how the lines and streets match up. Our recommendation is the Grand Plan de Paris numero 2, which actually shows Metro, RER and bus routes all on amap of the city… very useful!

Paris Metro
Telephone: 08-92-69-32-46 (from abroad)
Telephone: 32-46 (in France)