Paris France‘s network of urban buses is not as frequently used as the city’s Metro, but it can certainly be a useful alternative. While bus lanes have been implemented to quicken up the journeys, taking Paris buses is slower than the Paris Metro but just as easy to use… with the added bonus of letting you see the city as you travel!

Stops are shown on a signpost, which indicates the name of the stop as well as the numbers of the various buses with that particular stop in their route. Some lines even have a nifty display that shows you the arrival times of the next two buses.

Urban Paris buses don’t run as late as the Metro and many of the lines don’t operate at all on Sundays and holidays. You can buy single-journey passes or multiple-trip packs, which is a good savings if you plan to use the bus (or Metro) system more than once or twice. Also keep in mind that Paris’ Metro and bus systems use the same tickets.

Paris Buses
Telephone: 08-92-69-32-46 (from abroad)
Telephone: 32-46 (in France)
Website: www.ratp.fr