Throughout the year, Paris, France has boasted of its great transportation network. You can take the subways, bus, taxi.

Taking the subway in Paris France is the most ideal means to get around the city as it is fast and convenient for the passengers. There are 16 lines that traverse Paris; each of this has its own color and number to help commuters easily identify the routes it take. A ticket costs at around 1,70 Euros.

Aside from the metro, buses in Paris France are also convenient to use to get around the city. Because there are many buses in the city, commuters will not find it hard to get one to take them to any destination around the French capital. However, unlike the metro, finding the right bus for your specific destination may be quite tricky – so ask around or research.

Taking a cab around Paris may allow you to speed up your travel but this will also mean for you to pay a pricier amount. Most taxi cabs in the city can be found on taxi stands or on large avenues in Paris. They do not have a common color type but you can be sure they are what they are with their taxi sign on top of them.