Fontainebleau is one of the most popular Paris side trips frequented by many tourists. It is located a mere 55 kilometers that is south east of central Paris. It is also known as the seat of what is called Arrondissement of Fontainebleau. Such a commune is very large in land area and just a bit larger than the whole of Paris itself!

Together with the equally interesting neighbor called Avon, Fontainebleau is an urban area that has a lot of inhabitants. There are 36, 713 people residing in Fontainebleau, to be exact. Such an urban area is also considered to be the satellite city found in Paris.

Why Go to Fontainebleau

Want to know what else makes Fontainebleau special?

1. It is known for the Forest of Fontainebleau – a very large and scenic getaway in the area. It is also a very much preferred weekend getaway area of many Parisians.

2. Aside from this, Fontainebleau is also known for the historical place called Chateau de Fontainebleau. This is known in the contemporary world as the most elite business school. Many great minds in business all over the world are bred and honed in this great school.

3. Mingling with the 36, 713 inhabitants of Fontainebleau will let you remember them as Bellefontaine. Every year, these Bellefontaine welcome more than three hundred thousand visitors in the palace. They are quite used to receiving tourists, as you might imagine.

4. Think that is impressive? Take note that around eleven million people actually visit the mentioned Forest of Fontainebleau. It is that impressive enough to accommodate such a sheer amount of visitors.

This amazing forest is the surrounding greenery of the city and the other villages as well. The Office National del Forets in Fontainebleau protects this greenery. It is also known as National Park dedicated to conserving wild plants and trees.

5. There is a huge population of beautiful birds, butterflies and mammals in this part. A visit to Fontainebleau will never be complete without a side trip here. In fact, it used to be a royal hunting part frequented by many walkers as well as horse riders.

Such a forest is very much regarded for its bouldering purposes as well. There are many climbers who like to visit this area of Fontainebleau to go bouldering with their friends. As a tourist, this is one attraction you should also try for yourself when in Fontainebleau.