You can easily fall in love with the enchanting romanticism of Paris France. The City of Light offers numerous sights you will never forget for the rest of your life. And when you travel this summer in Paris, the city is simply magnificent you would wish that you were born a Parisian.

In summer, the sky above Paris is clear and crisp. You will be able to enjoy the clean parks, the lush green gardens, and the relatively quiet streets of the city. Most Parisians go to the beach or to the provinces during summer so you will have the city all by yourself, and of course other tourist who are enjoying Paris top attractions.

At a glance, here are the fabulous and less crowded places you should visit when traveling to Paris this summer:

La Grande Arche de la Defense

This is a striking building with glistening smooth surface and inviting stairways. The Defense is very near the famous Arc de Triomphe so you can easily find it.

Musee National du Moyen Age

This is a lesser known museum but you will enjoy the rich collection of ancient and medieval art here. It is also not too crowded so this is a perfectly place for you to commune with artistic artifacts.

Eglise Saint Sulpice

This is a very old church and can match the magnificence of the Notre Dame Cathedral. You will find a very romantic fountain in front of Saint Sulpice which is a perfect backdrop for your souvenir photos. The interior of the church is simply stunning you will never regret visiting it.

Rodin Museum Garden

When you visit the Rodin gardens, you are entering a wonderful world where art mixes beautifully with nature. This is a botanical garden where you can find different species of plants and flowers. But the place also houses exquisite sculptures created by well known Parisian artists.

The Medici Fountain

You can find this quiet and medieval fountain at the heart of the Jardin du Luxembourg. You can sit at the stone benches at the edge of the fountain and enjoy the solitude provided by the place.

The places above attract fewer visitors compared to other popular sites in Paris. Paris in summer is glowing and very vibrant. You can certainly enjoy your stay at the City of Lights especially if you take the time to go to places where few tourists visit.