Long Weekend

For a long weekend, going to Paris France would certainly give you a memorable vacation. Whether you are with a loved one, a friend or your family, there are many things to do in your long weekend in Paris.

Enjoy from the Historical to the Modern Areas of the City

What’s exciting about going to Paris is that you can actually combine your tour of the older structures with the cosmopolitan side of the city. You can sample one of their hippest cafes and restaurants or choose to dine at the smaller cozy restaurants.

Checking In

When it comes to accommodation, you will not run out of beautiful and charming hotels in Paris to stay in. There are lavish and grand hotels like the Victoria Palace, Plaza Athenee and Murano. There are also smaller and cheaper hotels just at the foot of the beautiful sites in the city.

Go Out and Enjoy

As soon as you check in, there’s not a minute to waste. Just step out of your hotel and begin your sightseeing tours. You may choose whichever is nearest to your hotel. If you’re around the busy area of Champs Elysees, you could dive into serious shopping or fine dining right away.

What to Do

If it’s still early, you could start with a quiet tour among the world-renowned museums all over Paris. Your long weekend in Paris would be full even by just visiting them. So, if you are an art lover you have come to the right city.

The Musee National Picasso, for example, holds the most popular and priced works of Picasso. It is also the home of his extensive collection of the works of Rousseau and Cezanne.

If you want to see The Mona Lisa, Musee du Louvre is the place to visit. Visiting and seeing the palace from the outside is already a trip to make. What’s inside is even a more treat for you art lovers.

A more contemporary home of art is the Centre Pompidou or the Musee National d’Art Moderne. It is also the Centre for Industrial Design, the Institute for Research and Coordination of Music, and the Public Information Library.

You would also enjoy visiting the Cathedral of Notre Dame. The cathedral has been a part of the French Revolution events. And it is where Napoleon pronounced himself as king of France.

The Finale

Of course, your long weekend in Paris would not be complete if you don’t at least get to the foot of the Eiffel Tower. But to truly enjoy your visit, you should climb up the top to get a clear view of the whole of Paris. If you want you can also experience fine dining at the Restaurant Jules Verne.