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We don’t recommend driving in Paris as your preferred mode of transportation, especially when you take into account how great public transportation system is. Paris France is difficult to navigate by car and Parisians are famously aggressive drivers, which can make any journey through the city stressful. However, if your itineraries include day trips beyond the city limits, rental a car in Paris are your best bet.

While actually driving in the city is tricky, finding car rental agencies is extremely easy. Local, national and international agencies are dispersed throughout the city and conveniently have offices at Paris airports.

One thing to keep in mind, especially if you’re from North America, is that France – like the rest of Europe – is a stick shift country, in that the majority of automobiles have manual transmission. Cars with automatic transmission are hard to come by, so if you can’t drive a manual car your best bet is to try calling ahead. Below we’ve listed just a few well-known car rental agencies along with their contact info:

Car Rentals in Paris





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