Holiday Homes

Paris holiday homes are ideal for short term group vacations. These holiday homes are actually large apartment rentals or private villas where you can enjoy privacy.

There are hundreds of holiday homes in Paris and the prices starts from 400 Euros for a week’s stay. Most Paris holiday homes can accommodate 2 occupants but there are also large houses suitable for a group of dozen.

All Paris holiday homes offer complete amenities including a kitchen where you can prepare meals. The cheaper holiday rentals have common swimming pools and strolling area. Posh holiday homes on the other hand can offer exclusive use of swimming pools, courtyards, garden and garage.

Choosing a Suitable Holiday Home in Paris

You will be able to find holiday homes in every district of Paris. So it is best if you can plan your itinerary so you can find the right holiday homes in Paris.

The Left Bank district offers numerous holiday homes for 2 or more guests. Most of the great sites in Paris can be found in this area. Holiday homes in this area would be a little expensive.

Of course, you can always find a budget holiday home in the vicinity of the Seine River near the Eiffel Tower. Such holiday homes will get you closer to the romantic bridges of the Seine as well as to the famous Paris bars and Paris clubs.

If you are planning a quick walking tour of great Paris sites, then you will find Paris holiday homes at the 6th Arrondissement suitable. You will be very near the Luxembourg Gardens, Notre Dame cathedral, and pedestrian cafes in the Saint Michel and Odeon areas.

If you want to enjoy the intellectual atmosphere of Paris, then a holiday home in the 5th Arrondissement would be very ideal. This is where the Latin Quarter is situated where you can meet firebrands and bohemians of the La Sorbonne University.

The holiday homes on the 20th and 11th on the other hand offers homey surroundings and atmosphere. These are very quiet neighborhoods and mostly residential. You can certainly enjoy the company of local Parisians in these neighborhoods.

Important Reminders for First Time Visitors

It would be best to make an online reservation for holiday homes weeks before your actual travel to Paris. This is particularly important if you are visiting the city in spring and early autumn.

You should also check if the rentals of Paris holiday homes will include electricity, water, gas, and tax charges. In this way, you can avoid misunderstanding and you can plan your travel budget correctly.