If you do not want to spend too much on your accommodation and lodging while in Paris, then your best option is a Paris France bed and breakfast. Most Paris bed and breakfast are owned by local residents of the city and are situated at the most envious neighborhoods. So you will get not only cheap accommodations but also personalized service from their owners.

How to Find the Best Paris Bed and Breakfast

Before you travel to Paris, you can surf online for the most suitable bed and breakfast accommodations in the city. Most Paris bread and breakfast today are listed on the Internet so you can easily book online or personally call the owners. You can also check the personal reviews of the travelers for each Paris bed and breakfast. The reviews can be very helpful so you can find which Paris bed and breakfast offers the best service.

Important Things to Know

Most Paris bed and breakfast are private residences. Make sure that your accommodation arrangements with the owner are clear. This way, the owner of the bed and breakfast can prepare your room.

You will be treated by the owners to an excellent French cuisine. There are also bed and breakfast accommodations that will allow you to cook your meals and use the kitchen. This is ideal if you will stay longer in Paris.

You can ask your host about things to see in Paris. Your host’s insider tips will be very valuable. In fact, you can also learn from your host how to see great places in Paris without spending too much.

Ideal Locations of Paris Bed and Breakfast

It is best if you can find bed and breakfast accommodation situated in the 1st to 9th Arrondissements. Almost all the great sites and night spots in Paris are located in these districts.

If you want to stay in the residential areas of Paris, then the 11th and the 19th Arrondissements have excellent neighborhoods for you. You can simply take a cab if you want to go to the city center.

Paris bed and breakfast around the Latin Quarter also offers affordable accommodations. You will also be nearer to the hottest night clubs in Paris if you stay in this district. Accommodations at the Left Bank are more expensive but you can save on taxi fare because most major sites in Paris are located in this area.

Staying in a Paris bed and breakfast is a practical option so you can save on your travel expenses.