You will not find it difficult to find a hotel in Paris. That’s because the entire city is literally dotted with all types of hotels. You can certainly find hotels Paris can offer that will be suitable for your budget.

Here are the types of hotels you can find in the City of Lights:

  1. European-type hotel chains – These types of hotels offer standard accommodations at a reasonable price, some with more amenities and services than others. A good example is the chain Meliá Hotels International.
  2. American-type hotel chains and franchise – If you are comfortable with American style hotel service and features, then these hotels would be best for you.
  3. 5-Star Luxury French hotels – If you want posh accommodations, then these types are for you. These hotels are very expensive though.
  4. Family-owned and small hotels – These hotels can be very friendly to your budget. You will be able to feel the unique Parisian personality if you stay in small, family-owned hotels.

Finding the Right Hotel Paris Can Offer

If you want to taste the local flavor and experience the warm personality of every Parisian, then you have to book a stay in a small family-run hotel. You will usually find these hotels in Paris, France at the center of the city.

Cheap hotels in Paris, France may not offer state of the art features but you can find them homey. You will get all the essentials such as showers, bath tubs, towels and linens, and maid services. The big plus is some of these hotels have courtyards and gardens where you can spend a lazy afternoon enjoying the serene atmosphere.

Peak and Off-Peak Season

If you are planning to visit Paris in springtime, then you should make an advance reservation especially for small hotels. Tourists come in droves to Paris during spring so book early to avoid inconvenience.

Hotel peak season in Paris starts from early spring until early autumn. Prices would be higher at these times. During off-peak season, prices of hotel accommodations would be cheaper and you can easily find a good promotion.

It is easy to find the best hotels in Paris as there are a lot of choices that would be appropriate for your budget and for your basic needs.