You will never find a dull moment if you stay in hostels in Paris. Almost all hostels in Paris France are known for their friendliness, cleanliness, and vibrancy.

If you are traveling on a budget, hostels in Paris are good alternatives to luxurious hotels and urban apartments. Even the cheapest hotels in Paris can be very expensive if you are backpacking. Staying in hostels will enable you to enjoy a longer stay in Paris, find new friends, and bask in a party atmosphere.

What You Can Expect from Hostels in Paris

Basically, hostels in Paris are ultra-cheap hotels. You will stay in shared dormitory-type rooms. There will be a common bathroom and shower area down the hall.

Usually, you can find a common reading and social room in Paris hostels. Some hostels are Wi-Fi covered while others have their own Internet connection rental. The fun part is you will be able to enjoy the in-house bars of some hostels in Paris.

Aside from cheap accommodation, you can also save your food budget because most hostels offer cooking areas for their guests.

Where to Find the Best Hostels in Paris

You can find dozens of hostels near the Eiffel Tower. Some hostels in Paris are even ten minutes walk from the Tower. Even if these hostels are nearer to the top attractions, the prices will still be suitable for your backpacker’s budget.

If you want to stay in early 19th century houses, then go to Montmarte. You can easily find a folk hostel in that area complete with gardens and courtyards.

If you like the company of bohemians, artists, and free-spirit individualists, the vicinity of the Moulin Rouge cabaret would be best for you. Nightlife in this area is very lively especially when there is a big show at the Moulin Rouge.

Things to Remember when Staying in Hostels

1. It is best to get an advance hostel reservation if you go to Paris in summer. Hostels are quite full during these times because other backpackers are also taking advantage of the summer off-peak season.

2. Always ask the hostel management if they have curfew hours so you can better manage your nightlife.

3. If you have a laptop and other high value items, check if the hostel has a safety locker where you can deposit your things.

Hostels in Paris France offer more than cheap accommodations. They are social hubs where you can find new friends and enjoy the warmth of the city.