Explore Paris

Paris is a city that requires careful planning before you explore its treasures. The City of Light boasts of numerous museums, an unmatched shopping scene, gorgeous landmarks, and many more. That’s why planning well ahead of time is crucial to maximize your stay in this romantic French capital.

Unless you come from a country that belongs to the European Union, you need to acquire a visa to travel to France. However, there are certain nationalities that only need visas if they stay longer than 3 months such as US citizens.

Timing is key for a holiday of a lifetime. Time your visit to Paris to get the best deals for hotels, hostels, apartments, or holiday homes in the capital. Tourists flock to Paris in the spring, so this is the time when lodging is quite expensive. If you can choose another time to visit Paris, then better not come during the spring. July and August and the winter season are slow seasons, perfect months for visiting if you’re on a tight budget.

If you are going to avail of sightseeing tours, one of the most important considerations is budget. The total fee for these tours will vary depending on the route you wish to have. Often, the longer the excursion, the more expensive it is. You should also take note of the inclusions in the sightseeing tours. Check if you’ll be able to experience things like free use of accommodations and even free meals or lodging. Then of course, take some time to do your own research – just because you are availing sightseeing tours does not mean you have to let your tour guide educate you about everything.

Be familiar with Paris transportation before visiting the city. Carting around over 5 million passengers each day, the City of Lights has Europe’s second busiest metro system and, especially when combined with the RER suburban lines, is the simplest and cheapest way of getting from point A to point B in Paris.

The network of urban buses in the city is not as frequently used as the Metro, but it can certainly be a useful alternative. While it may seem that the busy streets are brimming with taxis, you’ll often encounter the problem of getting to hail one. The taxi system in Paris is heavily regulated and very unionized, allowing only 15,000 cabs to be out and in business at any given time. Oftentimes it seems that there are simply not enough cabs to go around.

We don’t recommend driving in Paris as your preferred mode of transportation. The city is difficult to navigate by car and Parisians are famously aggressive drivers, which can make any journey through the city stressful. However, if your itineraries include day trips beyond the city limits, car rentals in Paris are your best bet.