Going to Paris without visiting Versailles is a big waste of effort. This is because Versailles is a really good addition to your Paris experience.

Versailles is a place that can be found in the western area of Paris. It is now part of the Ile France metropolitan region. This is very popular because this is where King Louis XIV had built his palace and gardens.

One well known fact about Versailles is that it is a very rich neighborhood. It is in fact, one of the richest areas in the whole of Paris.

Versailles: A Must-See in Paris!

The Versailles also has a palace that holds a lot of great and rich history. The most important event here is the signing of the treat between Germany and the Allies. Be sure to visit the Hall of Mirrors where such an event occurred.

Versailles thinks of this treaty as a very important event in their history. Such an event mirrored the proclamation of Germany’s empire to the Prussian King. Later on, the Kaiser event also took place in this historical hall as well.

Going around the Palace in Versailles is easy via the train. Simply get off and immediately buy the tickets to see the attractions. This is the best way of navigating this wonderful tourist spot.

While you are in Versailles, you should also try to go on a tour of the Chateau. This is also conducted in several languages. You can have an audio tour included in the day pass price as well.

While vacationing in Versailles in the summer, you should go on several means of transport. There is a train ride that is quite enjoyable, or maybe a trip via the rowing boat. If you want to exercise at the same time, hire a cycle as well.

If your time in Versailles is limited, you should definitely ride the train. This is the easiest way to see the best spots in the least amount of time.

But if you have lots of time on your hand, consider going on a walk. It will take one hour to get a satisfying tour of the place. If you get tired, you can always hop on the mini train if you want.

Going to Versailles should definitely be part of your Paris agenda. It has a lot of cultural and historical background you will appreciate. It is indeed a must-see and a must-add in your itinerary – a part of the trip which you will love to reminisce about later.