Pere Lachaise Cemetery

Pere Lachaise Cemetery is referred by some as a place of repose and poetry. Of course, you will never consider a cemetery as a place for romantic stroll; but believe it or not, a visit to Pere Lachaise will give you that idea instead of an eerie walk.

You can find this cemetery in the corner of northeastern Paris. This place is warmly called by the citizens there as la cite des morts, which means the city of the dead. Parisians also recognized this cemetery as a place with thousands of trees, rolling hills, elaborate tombs and sepulchers, and winding paths with charily designed street names.

When you visit this place, you can easily understand why Parisians considered this as the most impressively beautiful place to rest. In fact, numbers of prominent people have found their final resting place here, including Jim Morrison, Chopin, Proust, Victor Noire, and Oscar Wilde. A true must-see place here in Paris.

When you go to this place, you should plan ahead so you would not miss a single highlight featured inside the cemetery. There are lots of amazing views you can see inside Pere Lachaise Cemetery than you could ever imagine. The following are some of the highlights you should look at the moment you step into this place:

One of the cemetery’s more poignant features is its memorial to the deportees and resistants of World War II. The five monuments are erected in the southeast corner of the cemetery, close to the entrance of “Porte de la Reunion.”

There is another historic war spot inside—the Communard’s Wall also called as Mur des Federes. Here, almost 150 people were massacred during the final week of the Paris Commune in 1871.

As what was mentioned, you should plan ahead before you go to this place to seize every beautiful spot featured inside. You may take the Pere Lachaise visitor tips that are stated below before you make your walk into the place:

– Go to the place on a sunny day. The place is astonishingly wonderful to walk into when the sun is up, especially during summer and spring in Paris. In these two seasons, you can witness the superb views brought by blooms and greeneries.

– Familiarize the cemetery in advance. Afterwards, you can choose several sites you would like to visit if you think you only have a limited time. And when you are there, seize the exceptional glamour of the place by simply strolling along.

– Do not fail to go up to the hill that will lead you to the summit of the cemetery. Once you are on top, you can see the magnificent views of Pere Lachaise Cemetery and some parts of Paris.