Notre Dame Cathedral

Some people are very much attracted in visiting different churches. Some of them are drawn because of their faith while the others are because of their affection to beautiful architecture, especially when it is ancient. Whichever group you belong, you would surely appreciate the Notre Dame Cathedral.

This Cathedral served as the heart for worship and adoration in the city of Paris. Based on the accounts of the local legends, the then Bishop of the city, Maurice de Sully, made some architectural plans for the founding of a new cathedral that will be dedicated to the Virgin Mary. And so, Notre Dame was established, which means “Our Lady.”

You are surely aware that this Cathedral is known not just in Paris alone but as well as in some other parts of the world. This is because of its notable architectural design that also features a set of decorative element. That makes this Cathedral as a beautiful spot to visit for people who have Christian faith and strong passion for architecture as well.

One look at the Cathedral’s exterior design, your eyes will be fixed into it in great awe. In fact, the Cathedral vitally serves as a classic model of the early Gothic styles and designs in these contemporary days. History of architectural structures revealed that the Gothic style dominated numbers of secular and sacred structures during the 14th century.

Another thing that will captivate your eyes once you visit the Notre Dame Cathedral is the view of its decorative elements. If you are good in architectural designs, you would immediately note the primary components of decorative elements—the gargoyles. Gargoyles refer to bizarre statues that mount on the alcoves on the walls of the cathedral.

These statues though grotesque are fantastic to look at. And there are still a lot more you can see in this Cathedral apart from those. Look at the following lists and you will be more excited to visit this cathedral as you come to Paris:

West Front – This is one of the most notable features of the cathedral because of its 228 feet tall towers.

Grand Gallery or Galerie des Chimeres – These joins the two west towers and this holds the legendary gargoyles.

The Kings’s Gallery – This features a line of sculptures of the 28 Kings of Israel and Judah, which was reconstructed by Violleet-te-Duc to reinstate the sculptures destroyed during the French Revolution.

The list is long enough, but you will appreciate more of them once you see them in person than figure them in your imagination. So, make sure you include a visit to Notre Dame Cathedral once you tour in Paris, France.