Marais & The Bastille

The Marais Bastille is a must see Paris attractionThis is a good place to be when you want to see and touch places where you just read about as a boy. Of course, you won’t exactly expect to see criminals in Bastille today. In fact, if you do see one, then they’d just probably actors doing plays for tourists like you.

You never know, really. And that’s the catch.

Different country would only mean different things to see. That means there will be loads and loads of stuff to do and things to discover. Find out about all the things to can see with our Travel Guide. With your camera, you can capture the Marais Bastille in your pictures.

Keep those pictures in your handy-dandy computer and when you get to work the next day show them off to your friends. And with enough pictures and knowledge of the place from the tour guide, you might even show the shots with added commentaries!

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With the right passport and verified documents as well as the tickets, you’re set to go. Be the envy of your office. Go to places where they’ve never been before. Or to places where only the big shots have been able go. Paris, France is one of these. Don’t miss Marais Bastille! If you do, then you’ve just missed a vital part of France.