Le Chatelet and Les Halles

Situated at the center of the French capital city, the Le Chatelet and Les Halles are very hard to avoid. You may love or hate these places because of the not-so-good shopping malls or their different sex shops. You may get annoyed or enjoy seeing a lot of young French bands in the tunnel of metro station.

But one thing is for sure, with enough common sense, you and even other tourists will surely love the Le Chatelet and Les Halles and their fine dining, nightlife, and shopping.

Dining at Le Chatelet and Les Halles

Many tourists say that the Le Chatelet and Les Halles offer different places for hungry stomach anytime and at any budget. Here are some dining choices you can enjoy at Le Chatelet and Les Halles:

Classic Paris Dining

Try some classic Paris food from the many bistros and restaurants in Le Chatelet and Les Halles. You can have a complete meal in no more than 15 euros or have a taste of their wines for only about 2 to 4 euros per glass.

Paris Bars

Enjoy not only the food but the jazz experience in different bars in the place. You can even experience a great disco dancing with great live DJs.

Stand-Along Dining

You can have better option than fast food if you want a budget-friendly dining. Try to get some ham and cheese sandwich or other Paris grab-and-go meals for not more than 6 euros only.

Scandinavian Deli

Nordic beers, salads, or sandwiches

New York Style Dining

If you are a homesick American, you can still enjoy eating at Le Chatelet and Les Halles with some restaurants offering you American dishes with a little touch of French cuisine.

Sweat Out with the Le Chatelet and Les Halles Nightlife

Some night attractions you can find at Le Chatelet and Les Halles are:

  • The common sex shops and flashing neon disco clubs
  • Irish bars
  • Live disco dancing with a live DJ mixing great disco music
  • Jazz bars
  • Gay bars

Shop ‘til You Drop at Le Chatelet and Les Halles

Unlike other stores in Paris, stores in the Le Chatelet and Les Halles are open even on Sundays. You can try the Forum des Halles, a big shopping mall in the place. But you can also check other smaller boutiques and shops around the place.

Some great items you can find here are:

  • Tops trends accessories and clothing
  • Vintage clothing
  • French copper kitchen supplies
  • Hand-sewn clothes

You can do a lot of things in Le Chatelet and Les Halles. But always be careful with pickpockets. Women should never walk in parks alone when it is dark. Walking in the metro tunnels at night may also be dangerous. Always have someone to go with you and never walk in poorly-lit areas as much as possible.