Jardin des Plantes Quarter

Are you planning to visit Paris this year? If you are staying for a few days or more, then don’t miss visiting Jardin des Plantes Quarter. It is the 5th arrondissement or administrative district of Paris and is notable for being the location of the Quarter Latin. It is a district dominated by universities, colleges and prestigious high schools.

It is also the oldest district of Paris dating back to ancient times. The long history of the district can be seen in different historical sites such as the Arenes de Lutece, a Roman Amphitheatre and the Thermes de Cluny, which is a Roman Thermae.

A Day in Jardin des Plantes Quarter

If you are just a short time visitor in Paris, you might have planned all your days and nights. However, spare a day to visit Jardin des Plantes Quarter. Wake up early in the morning and enjoy a stroll in the Jardin des Plantes before Paris becomes so busy. You can also enjoy going to rue Moeffetard to see various items for sale in stalls. The market opens at 8am.

Along the way, you will see the amazing buildings on this medieval street. Afterwards, you can visit the Museum d’Histoire Naturelle that opens at 10am. Or if you don’t want to see museums, you can always go to the Place de la Contrescarpe wherein there are lines of cafes and bistros. You can even enjoy a cup of coffee or lunch in this area.

In the afternoon after your Parisian lunch, you can spend your time at the Institut du Monde Arabe with its Islamic artwork and the Mosquee de Paris showcasing Moorish architecture.

Other Sights to See in Jardin des Plantes Quarter

If you have so far enjoyed your walk in the Jardin des Plantes Quarter and still have time left, there are other sights that you can see.

Ménagerie is France’s

The oldest public zoo and was founded during the French Revolution. It was intended to house the surviving animals from the royal menagerie at Versailles. The others animals in this zoo come from circuses and other countries. Today, it houses monkeys, large cats, birds and reptiles.

Arènes de Lutèce

Arènes de Lutèce is the remains of the 2nd century Roman amphitheater. It lay buried for centuries and was discovered in 1869 during the construction of the rue Monge. Victor Hugo, a famous novelist, was one of those who worked hard for the restoration of this historic building in Jardin des Plantes Quarter.