Ile de la Cité & Ile St-Louis

The Ile de la Cité is the historic cradle of Paris where the Gallic Parisii tribe dwells 2,300 years ago. But apart from its history, this place beholds the city’s must-see views—the oldest and the grandest—including the Notre Dame Cathedral, Sainte-Chapelle, the Conciergerie, and more. So, are you ready to take the trip now?

The Ile de la Cite is normally referred to as the City’s epicenter and the earliest settlement in Paris. Hence, this features lovely place to walk along with magnificent mansions still standing after years of construction. Other fantastic sites you can see here are the civilized gardens, broad boulevards, and more interesting neighborhoods.

One of the beautiful sites you can see here is the Notre Dame, the cathedral dedicated to the mother of God—Virgin Mary. A lot of tourists and travelers in Paris are not aware that Notre Dame is located in an island. And maybe, you are also surprised with this fact.

The second most prominent land mark you can see on the same island is the Palais de Justice; this is a supreme court constructed in the 18th century. The construction of this Supreme Court depicts Gothic style of Paris architecture. Many architecture enthusiasts appreciate its design; so, it can surely amaze you as well.

Another awesome place you can find here is the St. Chapelle—the most beautiful cathedral in Paris when it comes to interior. This also features the finest stained glass according to many travelers who have gone here. It will be best if you will visit this place on a sunny day because it will never make you forget the brilliance of the magnificent view inside.

Other views that you will admire in Ile de la Cité are the buildings and bridges that are forced to follow the teardrop shape of the island. They have adapt its natural landscape, which produces more interesting views such as the bullet-straight way lined with 200 linden trees—all alike to each other.

Also, when you visit the place in early spring, you will know the meaning why people of Paris keep on telling every traveler that they are lucky to be in Paris. The spring brings the flowering trees to life; adorning the place with their full blooms. One you see this view, you would surely long to see more primitive landscape.

Last thing you would forget about Ile de la Cité is the Pont Neuf Bridge. This is the oldest and the most historic bridge in the city of Paris. This features a small sanctuary in the form of small Green Park on the western angle of the island.