Champs Elysées

Many publications refer to Champs Elysees as “la plus belle avenue du monde” or “the most beautiful avenue in the world.” You might wonder why and you will stop wondering once you see Champs Elysees with your very own eyes. The chestnut tress, the walking area, elegant street lamps, high-class shops, historical architecture, and expensive hotels in the quarter will certainly wow you.

Champs Elysees Quarter as an Expensive Shopping Center

Most people who went to Champs Elysees would say that this place is the most prestigious avenue, not just in Paris, but in Europe or the even the whole world.

Have your shopping in Champs Elysees. Just make sure you have enough money to shop in the most prestigious, and perhaps, the most expensive shopping area in the world. Adidas, Lacoste, Disney Store, Benetton, Nike, Zara, Bel Air Fashion, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Gap, and Sephora are just among the few stores you can find in the area.

These stores rented as high as $1.5 million every year for a 92.9 square meter place in Champs Elysees. That will somehow explain about the luxury prices of the items sold in here.

Not only a high rent, but a strict compliance with the area’s standards is imposed. Champs Elysees is not focused on the capability of the store to pay the high rent but they are also concerned on the reputation of the brand.

Food and Accommodation in Champs Elysees

You can find here the most expensive restaurant Fouquet to the most popular McDonald’s.If not, you can sit and sip in one of the outdoor cafes in the quarter and feel the unique Parisian culture.

If you want to experience elegance and luxury, then the place to stay should be in Champs Elysees. You can be at their most luxurious hotel, the Hotel Napoleon, or on other equally elegant hotels. Just make some delightful visits in Champs Elysees if you cannot afford to stay in here.

Celebrated Yearly Events in Champs Elysees

Spend your Christmas holidays in Champs Elysees and you will witness the “most prestigious lighting in the world.”

You might as well take the same pleasure with Europe’s largest military parade. This happens yearly on the Bastille Day and passes down the Champs Elysees. Have a relaxing stay at one of the avenue’s cafés and just enjoy the famous European military parade.

Tour de France, the traditional Paris last stage, also happens in Champs Elysees. Even some huge gatherings in France like New Year’s Eve or winning a Word Cup are celebrated in Champs Elysees.

You can always visit Champs Elysees anytime of the year—even without the yearly events. The avenue still offers you the most prestigious and luxurious experience in the entire Europe.