Have you ever been into an eerie place? Probably, you would say yes. Perhaps you have already visited a haunted house or maybe you have already experienced a macabre atmosphere in one of the cemeteries you visited before. But surely, your experience there is not as eerie inside Paris catacombs.

This is place presumably familiar to you since Catacombs is one of the famous places in Paris. It has been featured in a lot of movies and has been mentioned in a lot of novels too.

The Ghastly Atmosphere in Catacombs

Catacombs is a very historical place. This was previously called as Paris’ Montrouge stone quarries; the place where dead bodies are disposed as the city of Paris run out of burial space in the early times. Can you imagine yourself walking in a hall that contains a lot of skeletons—numbers of them that they were already piled side by side?

Indeed, walking inside the Catacomb will require you a big amount of courage. Just imagine yourself walking into 20 feet deep underground tunnels; packed with storage niches that hold millions of bones. Amazingly, the different sides of these bone masses are now designed and have been set with the skulls in a unique pattern.

What Your Eyes can Capture inside Catacombs

The Paris catacombs is totally different from any eerie place you have been before; that’s for certain. Many people who have visited this place and went into its core expressed words of amazement after despite of the fear they felt while inside.

You can gasp in horror the first time you step inside the Catacomb. Why not? Approximately six million bones will meet you in the entire hallway that can cause your nerve to tremble in fear.

However, the moment you entered into the cave, you have no chance to back out anymore. You are left with no other alternative inside but to continue your walk until the end because there is only one way to get out from the cave.

Can you take the challenge of walking inside? Well, if you are going to visit Paris, you should never miss the excitement offered in this place. Inside Catacombs, you can experience the kind of thrill which you will never ever forget in your entire life. The place might be eerie at first but it is truly fascinating, especially the history it recalls.

Once you came to Catacombs, you will never regret to see the rows of skeletons including the experience of strolling along the hallway—few distances next to the bones. And if you do, you can already vividly imagine the track in the Paris catacombs the next time you encounter it again in a novel.