Beaubourg & Les Halles

For travel arrangements in Paris, you shouldn’t forget to include the Eiffel Tower and the likes of which that make the City of Lights a sight to beheld. Only in those terms will you get to feel the intensity of France’s culture and history. And you shouldn’t also forget the Beaubourg!

That’s an important place to be at. Although it is not as spectacularly tall as the Eiffel Tower, in many respects, though in other terms, it is still proud to be a site of where history plays it parts. You see, the place used to be the first ever Parisian market place. This earned Beaubourg the moniker, ‘Stomach of Paris’.

Now that’s a pretty cool nickname for a place and that should provide you with a lot more of inputs on why you should be in Paris on your vacation. You see, Europe is really a place full of churches, castles and museums. These may tire and bore you, but there are still other places to see.

Take for example the Beaubourg. Although this was just an ordinary marketplace in the past, it is now kept well-maintained. And while the marketplace is now long gone, along with the usual crowd of market goers, there are now other reasons to go. In the Beaubourg, there’s the National Musuem of Modern Arts.

Now you may say that it’s just one of those museums, but the catch here is this: There are only a few places in Paris that has many this many things to behold with. In this place, you have a museum, which is a place where many rich and fascinating items of modern significance are shown.

You can even catch an exhibition or two in the place. Yes, that’ll be quite a treat, which would be like hitting two birds with one stone. Of course, there’s the large public library to immerse you with France’s history. After all, there’s always an avid historian in any tourist, and if a museum can’t pose an answer, then books can.

So start making arrangements to fly out to France. Take the load off and be at the Beaubourg, and the rest of all the places those tourism brochures speak off. Enjoy!