Paris, the so-called “City of Light,” is also the place recognized by the whole world for its sophistication, romantic charm, and beauty. Paris is said by many as a magnificent place for pointless wandering because of the wide variety of décors and styles it boast that enthrall even the highest level of tastes. So, Paris, France is an ideal place for you to visit if you are fond of meandering.

The Splendid Geography of Paris

Situated on the left bank of Paris is the Eiffel Tower—the terrific symbol of Paris. If you have admired this in magazines, you will fell in love to it once you see it in person. When you reach its tower, you will see the full view of the beautiful city; and you would cry if you forget to bring your camera with you.

Opposite to the Eifel Tower is the big formal garden that serves as the French Military Academy. Champ de Mars. Meanwhile, located at the right bank is the Avenue des Champs Ely-sees, a vast main road running on the northeast and southeast. You would experience so much excitement when you go to this street because this is the most eventful and most fashionable Paris shopping area.

When you track the eastern part of the avenue, you would see the most impressive squares in the placePlace de la Concorde. Don’t miss to go into the heart of the square because you would see there the ancient Egyptian Obelisk of Luxor.

On the other hand, when you move outside of Paris, you would find the palace of Versailles, a royal residence several years ago. This was built by Louis XIV, the greatest monument of power and wealth to the French monarchy. This is a magnificent site to go to if you have a strong interest in Paris history because the place already houses a museum now.

Paris Geography and Its Climate

Paris is characterized by Oceanic climate and is influenced by the North Atlantic Drift. So, you can expect to experience a temperate climate once you go here. It is rare for Paris to experience too high or too low temperatures.

Rainfall can happen in anytime of the year because of the Paris geography. And if you enjoy sudden showers, you would surely have fun to stay in this place for some time because the place is also known for having abrupt showers. But take note of this; if you are weak to resist too much cold, you should not come in the months of January and February—the coldest months of the year here.