Moving to Paris

Are you considering moving to Paris? There are many instances when this may happen.  First, those who are studying a short course or pursuing their higher education in France may consider moving permanently to Paris.

Second, if you were a visitor in Paris and you simply fell in love with the city, you may also want to be a ‘local resident’ of the City of Lights. Third, you may have a business that always takes you to Paris anyway, so why not move permanently, right?

The Basics of Relocating to Paris

Prior to considering the City of Lights to be your primary residence, there are a few things that you need to establish first before packing your bags. This includes the following:

1. Renting an apartment or a house.
Naturally, the first thing that you need to settle is where you are going to live when moving to Paris. You can take your pick from the many neighborhoods or arrondissements – each with its own charm.

Once you have found the neighborhood that you would like to settle in, make sure to get in touch casually with a few locals and politely ask if you can contact them when you finally move in.

2. Purchasing a car or registering a vehicle.

This may not be really necessary if you are getting an apartment in Paris which is close to where you will work or study. But if you do need to purchase a car or register an existing vehicle that you have, make sure that the paperwork is properly filed.

3.  Opening a bank account and straightening out your finances.
You may also want to open a French bank account. Sure, you can use the American credit cards that you have but the international charges would add up – so it might be a cheaper option to go for opening a local account in Paris.

Additional Tips when Moving to Paris

Moving to Paris is really an exciting experience, especially if you fell in love with the city when you first visited.  However, you need to be aware that France in general has rigorous administrative processes. As such, you should know the basic rules to be followed when renting an apartment, opening an account, obtaining a French work permit or visa and buying a vehicle.

After you have taken care of these processes, you can enjoy and look forward to the prospect of your moving to Paris – and enjoy living in the City of Lights to the fullest.