French Open

Tennis is one of the more popular Paris sports. The French Open is one of the events that people go to Paris for. Watching the French Open would surely make your vacation a memorable one. An added bonus for you, of course, is the beautiful city to tour around in.

When to Go to Paris for the French Open

If it is your aim to watch the French Open, you have to come to Paris towards the end of May and the beginning of June. That would be a perfect timing for the tournament. But you have to get your tickets early though because thousands of tennis fans are planning to come to the event as well.

Where the French Open Is Held

Roland Garros is one of the most popular tennis competitions because of its beautiful clay courts. It is made more exciting by the presence of the most talented and skilled tennis players around the world. Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, the Williams sisters, Maria Sharapova and Ana Ivanovic are only a few of the top players you would see there every year.

Come French Open opening date, you would immediately feel the thrill, the excitement and even the tension. Expect that excitement to build up on the days to follow until the day of the finals. You really have to be there to feel and experience everything for yourself.

Tips on Getting the Tickets

Again, if you really want to watch the French Open it’s really a must that you get tickets right away. You can get single tickets for the French Open. You may also get packages and tours with the tickets. If you want cheaper tickets, you can get the “Grounds Passes.” These allow you entrance to the outside courts. But to get the best seats, you really have to be at the courts early.

“Grounds Passes” could also give access to practice courts. This means you get to go near the players and get their autographs after their practice sessions.

If you want to be assured a seat and a chance to see the top tennis players of today, you should get tickets to Court Phillipe Chatrier or to Suzanne Lenglen. Although you won’t really know which court a specific player is going to play, matches would be interesting and exciting in these courts for sure.

So why wait for the last minute, get your tickets and get the best seats for the best French Open experience.