Paris Marathon is one of the most exciting annual events in Paris. It’s also something that people go to Paris for. And that’s because this marathon is not just your ordinary marathon.

Paris Marathon Today

The Paris Marathon has a long history behind it. But what you will enjoy really are the other features of the race. For instance, among the attractions of this event are the food and drink stations on the route.

If you join the race, you get to have cider, wine, beer and oysters. But to be able to join, you would need to have a doctor issue a medical certificate saying you are physically fit for the race.

The Paris Marathon Route

Champs Elysees is full of excitement as the Paris Marathon commences there. Then you will see participants going down and circling the Place de la Concorde. You will then observe them turn right on Rue de Rivoli. The race would also pass through the Louvre and then it goes around Place de la Bastille. From there it would pass Boulevard Soult and Bois de Vincennes. The race route would again return to the heart of the city after that.

When the group passes through Rue de Charenton, they are already in the midpoint of the route. The Paris Marathon route would now follow Seine and go along Ile de la Cite and Pont Neuf. Then just right across the Eiffel Tower, there are large drinking stations.

You would perhaps enjoy the other attraction there which is the foot massage. The race continues through Bois de Boulogne. Then it finishes at Avenue Foch.

When is Paris Marathon Held

Paris Marathon is usually held around April every year. There are about 35,000 runners joining the race every year. So there’s really such a large crowd joining the race.

Whether you want to join the crowd of racers or supporters is up to you. Anyone can join the Paris Marathon. If you are up to it, you can register for the race early to ensure a spot for the race.

Just remember to secure a medical certification from your doctor. Organizers will not accept your application is it lacks the certificate from the doctor.

The Fun in Joining Paris Marathon

Well, Paris is such a beautiful city to go around in. Joining the marathon would be a good way for you to go around the beautiful sites. It’s also even a good way to sample of what the city has to offer as well.

The Paris Marathon is certainly an event everybody, including you, should mark in your calendars is you plan to go to Paris. If you’d rather just join the crowd of supporters, it is just as exciting as well.