Did you know that Paris is also a place for one of the most exciting sports? Yes, that is football—and the greatness of Paris football has been proven by the many honors received by its Paris Football Club.

Football in the Paris Football Club

Paris FC is one of the most powerful football teams in the world. It was the champion in the France Amateur Football in 2006 and 1989. It was also the DH Ligue de Paris champion in 1988.

If you are planning to watch a Paris football game, you should at least know some facts about its national football team hero.

The Paris FC was established in 1969 when the city wanted to re-launch its own football team. The club’s earliest objective was to play in the football first division in 1970.

It tried to look for its second division. However, the first attempt with CS Sedan was a failure. Fortunately, Stade St. Germain merged with Paris FC and became its second division. Paris FC was then named Paris Saint-Germain Football Club. Today, Paris football becomes always synonymous to PSG, the nickname given to Paris Saint-Germain Football Club.

If your aim is to watch PSG play live, then the place to be is no other than Parc des Prince. This is the home of Paris football pride!

Here are some things you should know if you are planning to visit Parc des Prince:

  • PSG usually plays on the weekends or every Friday.
  • PSG’s supporters are friendly and very welcoming to tourists like you—that is, if you are a PSG supporter too.
  • Learn where you can and cannot go in Parc des Prince because there are areas allowable and restricted for tourists.
  • You can choose to stand in the curva but make sure you are used to staying in it.
  • Paris football ticket prices range from about 16 to 90 euros.
  • Paris football tickets usually sell out about three days before the event. You can order Paris football tickets in advance through the PSG official website. There is also the Champs Elysees where you can buy some tickets for the game.
  • Making the most out of your Paris football experience is possible with a guided tour. You can book for a guide in advance. It costs only about 6 euros.
  • Visiting the stadium when there is no game is allowed. Get to see the locker rooms, VIP rooms, and player entrance when you visit the stadium without the Paris football game.
  • Don’t forget to visit the small museum and learn how the stadium was built. Buy some stuff too in their souvenir shop.

Paris football is now a history in the world of sports. If you happen to visit Paris, always take time to know their football history even if you just planned to see the Eiffel Tower.