If you are out to spend your vacation in Paris, you should never fail to have a look at the  market. If you think that shopping in Paris is all about the big designer labels and painfully expensive prices, wait until you get the chance to experience the Paris market.

There are loads of things you can buy in the market, from clothing to accessories to food and simple souvenir items. You can have all these in more in the said place. However, it can get a bit unnerving and overwhelming if it’s your first time to go to a market. So here are the things that can help make your experience fun and memorable:

1. Do your homework. This is not the academic stuff here, this simply means that you have to research about the Paris market before you even consider going to one. At least you already have a feel of what it is that you are to experience. At least you already get yourself prepared and a bit familiarized with the areas inside the Paris market.

2. Spare some food budget. One of the best reasons to visit the market is the authentic European dishes you can enjoy. You can have a nice long time sitting inside a local pub or small restaurant and have your taste of the freshest pastries or the finest seafood. You should also know that the Paris market always serves authentic Parisian delicacies.

3. Travel with someone. Since you are not that familiar with the market yet, it helps to visit it with someone. At least you can have another person’s perspective if in case you feel lost or you are contemplating on buying something. It’s also good to have someone to talk to while traveling.

4. Look around more than you buy. The trick to keeping yourself from buying compulsively in the market is to keep in thinking that there’s plenty more stalls to visit. At least this helps give you an open mind with the possibilities you can see. Of course this will only be successful if you have a predefined budget for visiting the market.

5. Take pictures. This is probably more important than buying souvenir items. Chances are, what you see in the market can be easily affordable in other ways. But to get to take snapshots of the place all from your own experience may be something of the once in a lifetime kind.