If you love to shop, then Paris is your dream place.  There are numerous Paris shopping areas where you can find the best items and the best bargains. Here are some of the best places in Paris where you can shop to your heart’s content.

Fashion Shopping in Glitzy Shops

Head on to the 8th Arrondissement to find lines of haute couture shops where you can shop for glitzy fashionable clothes.  You can find the best Paris Shops and boutiques at the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore.

If you like classy bags, top quality shoes, leather belts, and other leather fashion accessories, then go to the shops at the 6th Arrondissement.  Simply locate the rue du Cherche-Midi and you will be treated to the most fashionable leather accessories you can find in Paris.

Paris Shopping on a Budget

If you want to find the best bargains, there are narkets that will cater to your needs. Paris can offer its three major flea markets.  You can find cheap treasure at these flea markets.  The flea markets of Paris are situated in three different Arrondissements.

The Saint Ouen Flea Market is at the 18th Arrondissement.  You can find excellent clothes, bags, and other fashion accessories here.  The Porte de Vanves flea market is at the 14th while the Porte de Montreuil is at the 20th Arrondissement.

Practically every ware and items at these flea markets are very cheap.  You can shop for souvenir items, knick-knacks, antiques, clothing, and books at half their original prices.  These are the best places to shop if you are on a tight travel budget.

Old Places to Shop in Paris

If you want to shop in the traditional retail shops of Paris, then you can select a few stores located at the Champs Elysees area.  This is the former center of fashion and upscale Paris shopping area.

You can find the Guerlain Parfumerie in this area where you can marvel at its old structures and magnificent spiral staircases.  Nearby you can shop at the Virgin Megastore if you are looking for old music records.

Paris also boasts of a subterranean shopping mall.  This is the Les Halles where you can find more than 180 retail shops and haute couture stores.  There are many bargain items also at this subterranean shopping mall.  It is also highly probable to find excellent imitations of fashionable designer clothes in this mall.

Paris is the international shopping hub.  Be prepared to find the best products on these Paris shopping areas.