Paris, France is known to be the haven of lovers. But not only ladies and the gentlemen can get a romantic getaway in Paris. Even gays in Paris can have their most romantic and fun vacation in the city.

Getting the Most from Your Paris Gay Vacation

First things first—and the first thing you should do is to have the most appealing hotel for you stay in Paris. Choose hotels with a great character and is located in a very interesting and convenient place.

You will surely find a lot of first-rate and gay-friendly hotels in Paris by simply walking around the city. Don’t worry because you can always walk in Paris safely. Besides, navigating this city will be a lot more fun to do than looking for a hotel over the Internet.

After getting a nice place to stay, you should start knowing the layout of the French city. Paris has 20 districts and all of these can give you distinct and memorable experience. You can easily plan how you will spend your days if you know the best Paris places to go to.

The Best Gay-Friendly Place in Paris

One of the best places that certainly many Paris gays will direct you to is Le Marais. This place was once an area of bourgeois people. But now, Le Marais is popular for Paris gays as their best hang out place.

The presence of Paris gays in Le Marais is evidenced by the many cafes, cabarets, shops, and nightclubs for gays. Dive into the Paris gay culture by visiting the famous for-gay places in Le Marais.

Paris Gay Events for Touristscccc

More than the great hang out places for gays, you can also enjoy the awaited events for gays in Paris in the romantic French city.

If you will travel in June, you might be able to witness the La Marche des Fiertes. This is a gay pride parade in Paris that happens every last weekend of June.

Going to Paris in November will permit you to enjoy watching the Rainbow Attitude. This is a European gay exhibition that is held every first weekend of November.

Added Helpful Tips before Visiting Paris

The worst month to visit Paris is August. During this month that most Paris people take a very long vacation. Some companies are even close in August.

Paris gays may be out on vacation too and the famous bars and clubs in Paris might not be that crowded as you expect them to be.

Also, if you want to attract some gays in Paris, never show your interest on them directly. They might think you are too needy, cheap, and too easy. Just be yourself if you want to make friends or establish a more intimate relationship with Paris gays.