Paris clubs start to wake up from 11 PM and close until everyone is exhausted from the party. You will surely have a grand time in Paris if you hop from one club to another.

You can find numerous night clubs at the Bastille area and at the Latin Quarter. These are the most popular party places in Paris at nighttime. You can also enter the clubs in these areas quite easily.

You can find the classiest Paris clubs however on rue de Ponthieu. The clubs in this area are very upscale and sometimes they turn away guests. You have to dress properly so you can impress these Paris clubs.

Here are some of the classiest Paris clubs that you can try if you want to spend an enjoyable night in the city.

Le Sens Club

You can find Le Sens at the heart of rue de Ponthieu. Happy Hour at this club starts from 12 midnight. You can see famous celebrities and fashionistas at Le Sens.

When Happy Hour begins, Le Sens will be bustling with party people as disco and pop rock music reverberates from its superb sound system. This is not a very large club. However, overcrowding is not a problem at Le Sens because the management controls the number of guests who can enter.

Clubs near Champs Elysees

If you head to Avenue de Champs Elysees, you will be able to find several fantastic Paris clubs there that will welcome you warmly.

The Le Queen club is a gay and lesbian hub which boasts of excellent funky music and astonishing disco lights. Some nights you can enjoy the retro themes of the Queen club. This club also features the techno sound of the 80s.

Just around the corner is the Showcase Club. You can find this club under the Pont Alexander III Bridge. This magnificent bridge serves as the perfect backdrop of Showcase. You can easily spot this night club because the Alexander Bridge is an awesome structure.

You can enjoy the company of young Parisians at the Showcase club. Students and young professionals frequent this club. You can also watch live concerts at Showcase which features local, European, and international bands.

The DJs at the Showcase club are the best disco headmasters in Paris so you can certainly enjoy a night of dancing and merry making there.

There are still other excellent Paris clubs that you can go to. Simply take a walk at the grand boulevards of Paris and you can find a night club waiting for you.