You will be able to see great spectacle of colorful dance and musical presentations in Paris cabarets. Only in Paris can you see the original Can-Can Shows just like the ones you see in movies. Here are some of the most popular cabarets where you can enjoy an all-night of fun dancing and music.

Le Moulin Rouge

This is probably the most popular cabaret in Paris. You can enjoy excellent dinners at this cabaret and after that the party can begin. Happy Hours at Moulin Rouge starts at 9 PM with colorful musical presentations complete with clowns and palace jesters.

At 11 PM, the real party begins with a Can-Can show featuring the most beautiful Parisian dancers. There are also topless musical shows at Moulin Rouge. Dance party starts from 1 AM until the wee hours of the morning.

When in Paris, you should not miss the shows and champagne party at Le Moulin Rouge.

The Crazy Horse Cabaret Paris

You can indulge in the artistic presentation of nudity at the Crazy Horse Paris Cabaret. There are three nightly nude shows at this cabaret starting from 9:30 PM.

The Crazy Horse celebrates the beauty of the feminine body. You will find these shows very artistic and classy. This cabaret also offers excellent dinner and champagne party. The Crazy Horse has so many loyal patrons it is best if you can book a table in advance.

Le Nouvelle Eve Cabaret

One of the most famous Paris cabarets in Mtre is thontmare Le Nouvelle Eve. You can enjoy traditional Parisian musical shows at this cabaret as well as exquisite feather presentations of beautiful models.

The cabaret shows at Le Nouvelle starts quite early so you better be there by 6:30 PM. You can enjoy a sumptuous dinner before the first cabaret show. Champagne and food at Le Nouvelle are cheaper than in other Paris cabarets.

Brasil Tropical Cabaret

If you love Salsa music and the beat of Congo drums, then the Brasil Tropical should be your top destination. This is a very exotic cabaret in Paris featuring boisterous and lively Salsa music and colorful tropical dance presentations.

You will be able to enjoy Brazilian cuisine at this cabaret. After the shows, you can dance at its halls enjoying a night of Lambada, Samba, and Salsa music.

Almost all Paris cabarets are bustling with party people. It is best if you can reserve a seat in advance so you can fully enjoy all the shows of cabaret Paris offers.