Paris offers numerous modern and trendy bars where you can enjoy a cozy afternoon drinking wine. But if you want to experience old fashioned French bar scene, you have to visit traditional Paris bars.

Traditional bars are less known so you will be able to enjoy their relaxing atmosphere and quaint surroundings. You can also enjoy the company of local Parisian wine lovers in these bars.

So here are some of the most elegant traditional bars you can find in Paris. Spend some lazy afternoons in these bars to feel the traditional French lifestyles.

The Melac Wine Bar

This is a very old wine bar at rue Leon Frot. You can taste the traditional vintage southern French wine in this bar. The place is not spacious but it is not crowded. You can also enjoy personalized service from its owners and staff.

The atmosphere at Melac is very subdued and quiet. When you order wine, don’t forget to try Melac’s traditional cheese. The cheese here are really tasty and they match well with the vintage wine.

Try to visit the bar every 13th of September. The owner hosts a wine party on that day so you can enjoy a whole afternoon of free wine drinking.

The Legrand Wine Bar

If you want to visit a turn of the century bar, then the Legrand wine bar is perfect for you. The Legrand is one of the oldest Paris bars and still maintains a traditional cellar for its wines. It is known in Paris as the Caves Legrand.

The Legrand offers spacious drinking places and you can enjoy its rich collection of French and international wines. You can also select a vintage from its cellar and drink it at the bar. You can also try Legrand’s different collections of chocolates and truffles.

You can find Legrand at rue des Petits Champs. The nearest Metro Station is the Bourse.

La Palette Wine Bar

La Palette is the most popular and the best bar you can find in the vicinity of the Left Bank. You can sip wine at the side street veranda of the La Palette and enjoy watching people pass by.

This is a very spacious bar where you can meet artists and fine arts students. Your choices of vintage wines at La Palette are limited but they are the finest in Paris.

Traditional Paris bars can offer a unique experience for you. You should never fail to visit them to get a taste of old-fashioned Paris.