You’ll be missing half of your life if you will not experience the excitement of the city nightlife.  Paris is the only city in Europe where you can find the most diverse sampling of Bars, Clubs, and Cabarets.

You want relaxed cafes and soothing soul and jazz music? Paris has one for you.  However, if you want wild parties and wish to experience bacchanalian revelries, then Paris has numerous clubs and cabarets to satisfy your hunger for adventure.

Pop Culture and Trendy Bars

If you want to mix with trendy Parisians and party with the younger crowds, then you better head on to the rue Oberkampf.  This is a very unpretentious street in the heart of the 11th Arrondissement.

You will be able to choose a suitable trendy bar in this area because the street of Oberkampf is literally lined with different night clubs.  You can also watch regular pop concerts in one of the bars here.

Storm the Bastille

If you want lively and noisy parties, then the Bastille neighborhood should be your destination.  Parties in this area extend until 3 AM.  This is a great place where you can spend your Paris nightlife bar-hopping to dozens of music venues.

Dive bars at the Bastilles is pretty crowded but extremely fun because you can enjoy the company of young urbanites of Paris.  However, you can also find opera houses here if you want to indulge in classical culture.

Experience Liberalism in Marais

The Marais district is popular for its art galleries.  But this is also one of the hottest Paris nightlife scene.  Inhibition is not a known word at the rebellious bars of Marais.

Gays and lesbian clubs are also very vibrant in Marais.  You will be able to enjoy the free-spirited atmosphere of these clubs and bars.

Watch Classic Parisian Can-Can Shows

If you want to experience the colorful shows featured in Moulin Rouge, then go to the Montmarte neighborhood.  This is one of the most poetic districts in Paris.  You can find the famous Moulin Rouge cabaret here.

There are also other night clubs near Moulin Rouge where you can brush elbows with French bohemians.  Parties here can last also until the wee hours of the morning.  So you better prepare for a full night of fun and energetic dancing.

Nightlife here is one of the liveliest in the world.  You will be able to experience the most unforgettable parties in every Paris bars and night clubs.