The Louvre

One of the most visited museums in Paris, the Louvre Museum is the home to many very well known paintings including the Mona Lisa. It is one of the oldest museums in the entire Europe. And so because of the history and art embodied in the museum, around 6 million tourists visit the Louvre Museum every year.

The History of the Louvre Museum

The Louvre was actually built as a castle in 1204. It was rebuilt during the time of Francois I and all throughout the 19the century. From being a palace of kings and princes, it is now the palace of arts.

The Louvre Museum is considered one of the richest museums of the world. It has varied collections that date back to the Egyptian period 5000 BC down to the 19th century. In fact, it does not hold paintings but antiques, sculptures and even graphic arts as well.

The main collection was started by Francois 1st. And then Henry II and Catherine de Medicis also added several pieces to the collection. But it was actually Louis XIV who developed the Master Collection, with some contributions from Louis XVI later on.

The Louvre Museum Location and Architecture

Upon arrival you will immediately be greeted by the glass pyramid design iceberg-like structure of the Louvre Museum. And upon entering you will see a magnificent light that is filtered by the glass through the floor.

Under the glass pyramid, you will see the main entrance of Hall of Napoleon. You will now see the series of restaurants, cafeterias and shops.

You see the temporary exhibits in the Hall of Napoleon. There would also be some exhibits at the Aile Richelieu, which accessible even by wheelchair. And then there would be some at the Aile Sully.

Finding Your Inside the Louvre Museum

You will easily find what you are looking for because all the wings are color coded. Each floor is color coded as well. Each level is typically divided into ten sections. And each room has numbers so if you are looking for a particular collection it would easy to find it.

At the south of the building, you will see a breathtaking design of how a grand gallery should be built. Designed with large windows, you will be able to get a close look of greatest works of the Italian Renaissance. If you love 19th century French paintings, you’re in for a treat because they are also in display in the same level.

At the Louvre Museum, you will also get to know some of the Spanish collection in the gallery. There would be some pieces from the French school earlier paintings. For certain, you will also love the paintings of Europe’s upper level artists there.

In your tour around Louvre Museum, you will really get acquainted with the works of artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Milo. You will also be able to see the works of Donatello, Bellin and Maillol.

So when on a vacation in Paris, be sure to make time for a tour at the Louvre Museum. You will surely love it especially if you are into arts and history.