Minor Museums

If you want peace and quiet during a museum Paris tour, then you have to try the minor museums in Paris. Visiting these museums can also be a very rewarding experience.  The art collections on display in such museums are comparable to the major museums of Paris.  Another upside is you can discover bizarre art of Paris in its minor museums.

So here are the most recommended minor museums in the city that you can visit and enjoy:

Musee Bourdelle

Musee Bourdelle is a dedicated Artist Museum for Antoine Bourdelle.  Once you enter the Musee Bourdelle, you will never fail to notice that this is the former dwelling and art shop of the famous sculptor.

You can view exquisite Art Deco sculptures and installations created by Bourdelle as well as classical-themed figures similar to the works of the great Rodin.

It is very easy to find this minor museum because the street where it is located is named after the artist.  You can find the rue Antoine Bourdelle on the 15th Arrondissements near the Gare Montparnasse.  Once you see a huge bronze horse in front of a house, then you are already at the front gate of Musee Bourdelle.

Musee du Montparnasse

While you are at the neighborhood, simply walk a few meters from the Bourdelle and you can find the Musee Montparnasse. This is a 20th century bohemian hub.  You can find the artworks of well-known photo artists here and many watercolor masterpieces of modern painters.

If you are going to take the Metro, you have to get off at the Montparnasse Station and find the Avenue du Maine.  The Musee Montparnasse is open everyday except on Mondays and national holidays.  Children below 12 years old are free to enter the museum.

Bizarre Collection at the Paris Crime Museum

This minor museum in Paris offers a unique collection.  You will be able to see old handcuffs used by early law enforcement agents of Paris.  You can also view real guillotine as well as murder weapons collected by the police.

A visit to the Paris Crime Museum will be a one of a kind experience because you can see different collections that are not necessarily artistic but very historical.

You can find the Paris Crime Museum at the 5th Arrondissements at rue de la Montagne Sainte Genevieve.  If you will take the Metro, just get off at Maubert-Mutualite Station.  Entry to the museum is free.

A tour of the minor museums in Paris can be very rewarding because you will be able see lesser known works that are really extraordinary.