Major Museums

If you really want to experience the rich tradition of Paris and world art, then you must visit the major museums in Paris.  Each major museum tour you make will be unforgettable and truly rewarding.

However, before you visit the  museums, there are certain things you need to do first so you can have a very comfortable tour.  Remember, they are very popular so you have to expect lots of other visitors flocking to these places.

Here are some preparations you need to do to before you make your Paris museum tour.

Try to Get a Museum Pass

A Paris museum pass will make life easier for you.  With a museum pass, you will not have to wait in long lines just to get a ticket to enter a major museum. You can easily purchase a Paris museum pass online.  Before you travel to Paris, make sure that you already have a pass that you can use once you arrive in the city.  The museum pass will be delivered to your hotel.

Get a Map of Paris

Once you arrive at the airport, make sure to get a map of the city.  A map can be very handy so you can easily find the major museums in Paris.

Go to Museums Early

If you want to avoid the crowd in museums, then you need to get up early so you can visit the major museums in the morning.  During midday and afternoon, most museums in Paris will be quite crowded.

However, if you want to meet new friends and enjoy the company of other museum visitors, you can visit major museums in the city in the afternoon or before closing time.

Where to Go First?

There are more than 20 major museums in the city.  It is important therefore to carefully schedule your museum tour itinerary.  Here are the top 3 major museums that you should visit first:

1.  Musee du LouvreMusee du Louvre is the mother of all museums in Paris.  Always visit this museum first to get a background on world art.

2.  Musee d’Orsay
Musee d’Orsay is the world’s most visitor-friendly museum.  You will enjoy your visit here.

3.  Centre Georges Pompidou
– This is the center of 17th century to contemporary art.  There is also a Penthouse restaurant on the rooftop of this museum where you can enjoy French cuisine.

A tour of major museums in Paris should be your first activity once you arrive in the city.  You can certainly enjoy the rich art collections of Paris.