There are more than 70 Paris Museums you can visit.  Each museum Paris tour you take will be a very memorable and enriching experience.

The museum system of Paris is well organized.  Depending on your preference, there is surely a museum in Paris that will satisfy your artistic taste. Perhaps the most popular museum is the Louvre MuseumMusee d’Orsay is also a great museum to go to.

Categories of Museums in Paris

There are different types of museums that you can find in Paris.  These museums are informally organized in several categories. At a glance, here are the types of museums that you can visit in Paris:

1.  Universal Art Museums – You will be able to see ancient and contemporary artworks in these museums.  The most famous universal museum Paris can offer is the Louvre Museum.

At the Louvre, you will be able to appreciate paintings that date back from the Renaissance period.  You can also view sculptures, art objects, and antique artifacts created by well known world artists.

2.  Artist Museums – These types of museums are dedicated to particular artists.  For example, you can visit the famous Rodin Museum and enjoy the excellent sculptures of this modern French sculptor.

3.  Modern Art Museums – If you love 20th century art, multimedia installations, abstract painting, and utilitarian sculptures, then the Modern Art museums of Paris should be on top of your list.

Works of avant garde and futuristic artists are always on display in these museums.  You will be able to witness some of the bizarre and exotic artworks of modern artists if you visit these museums in Paris.

4.  Decorative Arts Museums – If you are an enthusiast of modern crafts as well as antique home decorations, then you have to visit the Decorative Art Museums of Paris.

The most famous decorative art museum you can visit is the Ceramic Museum.  You can find rich collections of decors, home implements, and exquisite china in the Ceramic Museum.  This museum also features the history of ceramic and the evolution of ceramic art making.

How to Enjoy the Different Museums of Paris

It is best if you can start touring the Universal Art museums of Paris.  This way, you will be able to view the most popular international artworks.  After this, you can now visit specialized museums or other minor museums.

For your convenience, it is advisable to purchase a museum pass.  A ticket pass will allow you to visit most museums in Paris without waiting in line. Visiting each museum Paris offers should be on top of your itinerary.  You will surely have a grand time in Paris once you see its great artworks.