Movie Theaters

While you might imagine that Paris is just for opera shows and museums there are actually so many movie theaters in Paris. And movies shown in Paris are so varied as well. You can get a taste of all the new blockbusters. You can also watch some revivals and art films.

One thing you should note though is that in Paris popcorn and crunchy snacks are really not something you should bring to the movie theater. People in Paris like to watch movies quietly and peacefully so you should follow their practice as well.

La Cinematheque Francaise

If you are into film festivals and revivals, you would appreciate the long history that goes with La Cinematheque Francaise. This Paris movie theater has been in service for more than 70 years now. In fact, you should know that it is quite an institution for the film world in Paris. You can even catch a glimpse of the cinema history through the film museum at this Paris movie theater. La Cinematheque Francaise also features directorial tributes.

Le Champo

With Sorbonne University just a block away, you would surely be shoulder to shoulders with many students when you watch a movie at La Champo. Whether you are on the younger side or just young at heart, La Champo is certainly one Paris movie theater you’d want to go to. You can catch premieres of movies at La Champo. It is where great French directors like Jacques Tati and Marcel Carne certainly bring their first showing to.

You should know that La Champois is also quite known for their famous retrospectives. This Paris movie theater has hosted programmed homage for Stanley Kubrick, Tim Burton and Woody Allen.

Le Reflet Medicis

If you want you can watch a movie at Le Reflet Medicis, you can do so after going to Le Champo since it is just next to it along Rue Champollion. It is one of the most favored Pairs movie theaters so it is a must visit if you love movies. There would be three theaters so you will have a choice on what to see.

This Paris movie theater showcases many independent films from around the world. You should also catch the old English revivals that they show from time to time.

La Pagode

If you love historic films, you should visit La Pagode. This Paris movie theater also features revivals and festivals of various themes. After a shopping spree at the Bon Marche department store, you can easily stroll down to La Pagode’s Chinese pagoda-like building for a relaxing movie.

Centre Georges Pompidou Cinema

If you have just been to the National Museum of Modern Art, you should also drop by the Centre Georges Pompidou Cinemas which is right within the same building. What’s even better is that you can also grab a bite after the movie and continue your tour or go back to your hotel after enjoying the film shown in this Paris movie theater.