Paris for Free

Most people get intimidated with the thought of traveling to Paris because of the heavy expenses. But you can enjoy Paris for free. When you take time to plan out your schedule, you’ll realize that it does not really take much to enjoy the place.

For all you know, you can actually enjoy the city for free. The only expenses you will have to consider is your transportation and where you would be settling in while you are there. But doing it this way may also depend upon the time where you get to Paris. Going on a lean season is one of the best ways to do it so you can fully enjoy Paris for free.

Here are some places you can consider:

1. Parks – Have you ever wondered how it will be like if you can have the picture-perfect moment of feeding pigeons while sitting on a bench? That’s one of the perks you can enjoy in Paris for free. This is actually one wonderful moment you can have to spend time with your companion and just bask in the beauty of France and its rich culture.

2. Churches – Paris is best known for its rich cultural heritage and what better way to enjoy that than to visit its many churches. You can hop from one church to another in Paris for free since churches are always open to public. The only important thing you need to bring with you is one great camera to make that lasting souvenir.

3. Museums
– Admittedly, not all museums are for free. But if you come in around the first Sunday of the month, you may be lucky enough to be granted with free passes for state museums. Also, you can find museums that display specific art collections in Paris for free. You can also visit gift shops of pricey museums and you can always come in there for free.

4. Exhibits – If basking in art is your type of thing, then you need to check up on various exhibits. These exhibits will give you the much needed cultural immersion you want since most of them are new local artists ready to break into the art scene. To get more information on these schedules, you can do some online research first and mark down the ones that interest you the most.

5. Local View – Enjoying Paris is best experienced through the local views you’ll find everywhere. As usual, all you need is a handy camera to enjoy the scenes. Whether it’s posing in front of the world-famous Louvre or trying to make the Eiffel tower fit in your camera screen together with yourself or your companion, these simple joys can be enjoyed in Paris for free.