Yoga might be the last thing in your mind when in Paris especially if you are a first time tourist in this romantic city. However, if you have been a yoga practitioner for a long, long time, then you can always practice yoga in Paris.

Moreover, it is a city where French cuisine can make you forget your strict diet control. You might indulge in so many local cheeses, white bread or chocolate. Last thing you know, you are gaining extra fat and feeling heavier.

Where to Find Yoga Studios in Paris

There are many yoga studios in the city. They are usually tucked away in old courtyards or some might be located in the modern part of the city. There are many American tourists who find yoga in Paris different from their usual yoga. It is not the power yoga style class that feels like a heavy workout. Yoga in Paris is more of the Vinyasa or Ashtanga-style. This means that it has lots of variations.

Some Tips for Yoga in Paris

There are yoga studios that require students to pay an annual fee. However, there are those that waive such payments if you are just a short time visitor.

If you would like to know the current rates among yoga studios here, check them out online. You can even compare prices, promos or discounts.

It is better that you bring your own bottle of water because some studios do not offer free drinks. There are also studios that do not offer showers or changing rooms. Do not be shocked then if you are going to see a lot and be seen a lot.

If you don’t speak French, do not worry. There are many teachers of yoga in Paris who speak little English. Besides, yoga when regularly practiced doesn’t need to be a speaking activity.

Some Yoga Studios in Paris

  • Fédération Française de Yoga offers Yoga Dynamique or Vinyasa and Yoga Détente or restorative yoga. There are classes conducted in English and are offered once a week. Yoga sessions can last from one to 1½ hours. If you are a first time visitor, you must pay 10€ for the trial class.
  • Samasthiti Studiooffers Ashtanga classes and Mysore-style classes. If you would like to try, you need to purchase 2-classes for 30€ for 1½ hours long.
  • Centre Sivananda de Yoga offers a free introductory class once a month and also an English class once a week.

There are still other studios for yoga in Paris that you can check out. Who knows, you might learn more of Paris culture by intermingling with the locals in yoga studios.