Biking & Rollerblading

If you are heading to Paris for a tour, take your to-do lists now and include biking and rollerblading in Paris. Maybe you will argue that you can do these activities in your own place; well, yes of course that’s very much possible but keep in mind that Paris place is different. So, you can also expect to obtain different kind of experience.

Paris a Place for Biking and Rollerblading

Surely, you already have an idea as to how Paris looks like—the environment and maybe even the people. With that, it is easy for you to imagine how ecological, convenient, and healthy the place of Paris is for biking and rollerblading.

Basically, the area comes in small size so you will enjoy a high concentration on either of biking and rollerblading activities. The streets here virtually feature its own visual interest and charms, which can be fun to tour around through the use of bike or rollerblades.

More importantly, you can trust that doing such activities on the streets to be truly safe. This is because Paris has placed a lot of highlights on pedestrianised streets and there are numerous paths here that are reserved for cycling and rollerblading.

Specifically, there is a bicycle lane near the Lama Bridge in Seine. This place is closed for any automobiles during Sunday from 9 AM to 5 PM for the program they called city-run Velib, making the place an ideal spot for cyclers and rollerbladers.

Experience Paris Biking and Rollerblading

There are ideal spots you can follow when biking and rollerblading. First spot you can consider is in Chantily, which features pleasant and plain canal-side path without any traffic. Second one is beside the Marne River; this place features beautiful set of flowers and woods.

The third ideal place to spend your biking and rollerblading activity is in Paris parkland, a traffic-free place that also features amusing and slow ramble paths. Another place is in Versailles, which is definitely a lovely place. Apart from the chance to go around to the famous Chateau of Versailles, you will also enjoy the peaceful suburban streets.

Of course, don’t forget to experience biking and rollerblading along the Seine River during Sunday. This place presents varied route through residential landscapes, villages, exurbs, as well as farmland.

Apart from being glamorous spots for biking and rollerblading, the above mentioned areas are also safe for these two activities since many of these present loop continuations. Surely, you would never regret to have included these two activities in your to-do lists once you reach home.