If you are planning to visit Paris as a tourist, you have prepare with you your rubber shoes and back pack because it would also mean long days of climbing steps and hiking across the town. Fitness is greatly valued reason why the place offers a lot of physical activities. In fact, you might even forget to go to the gym anymore.

A Stay in Paris will teach you How to Stay in Great Shape

If you have been searching for ways to lose weight or gain more energy Paris has a lot to offer you. Lists of activities to stay in shape, sweat off, and increase your pulse are listed below:

1.    Run:

Even if you are not a habitual runner, you cannot help not run once you are in Paris. If you stay in a hotel near the Seine, it is a must for you to run along the river—morning or evening.

Every Sunday, a program is held in Seine known as Paris Respire(Paris Breathes), which closes traffic to automobiles beside the banks of the Seine from 9 AM to 5 PM. So, the place is exclusive for running, walking, and cycling activities during Sunday.

2.    Bike: If you are up for adventure, you would surely enjoy the public bike program called as the city-run Velib. You can obtain short-term subscription that can last for one day to one week passes.

During the program, you would see over 10,000 cool bikes that are offered at 750 kiosks around the city for 30 minutes free rentals. All you have to do is to sign-up and you are free to grab a bike and head up to any of the many bike lanes. If you want to extend for 30 more minutes, you only need to pay €1.

3.    Join a yoga or aerobics class: These two are among the top ways to observe fitness in Paris. In fact, the American Church has open aerobics classes one hour a day featuring a different focus each night. The cost of classes is only €10 for each sessionYoga classes are also held everyday.

4.    Rollerblade: Each night, almost 12,000 to 15,000 rollerbladers occupy the street is also known as 3-hour speed skate through the town. This activity is guided by the police so participants are safe from the traffic.

You can also catch the “Roller Rally,” a more hassle-free skating tour held every Sunday afternoon. And since rollerblade is one of the best ways to observe fitness, a lot of stalls are also offering rollerblade rentals. So, it’s okay if you will not bring your own.