If there is one city in the world whose people take their meals seriously, that is none other than Paris, France. French cuisine in general is revered from the world over – and there’s no better place to enjoy this than by visiting one of the many Paris restaurant options that you have when visiting the “City of Lights”.

Paris Restaurant Options

Paris is the place where all the culinary action is happening. Upscale restaurants may boast of having the best French chefs in the world but if you’re the type of foodie who want to be surprised, then you can just walk in at one of the many Paris restaurants and allow your palate to be teased by exquisite French cooking.

So what are the restaurant options if you want to have the best dining experience? Basically, you can take your pick from family-run restaurants which are scattered all over town.

Or, you can go for the ultimate French fine dining experience in hotel restaurants such as the Hotel Astor Saint-Honore, the Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris or the Sofitel Le Fauborg.

There’s also the Taillevent and Restaurant Pierre Gagnaire, two of the best places to eat in Paris.

Finally, if you don’t want to bust your traveler’s budget, you can plan a meal in one of the many intimate restaurants in the city and still experience French cuisine at its best.

Paris Restaurant Prices

Naturally, the gourmet meals in hotels and upscale restaurants will set you back quite a bit. However, if you’re going the money saving route, you can try the prix-fixe menu. Here, you will get several choices from the appetizer to the main course and dessert – but the prices are way cheaper than ordering individual items off the menu.

If you have already sampled the local French cuisine and you are itching to try some good old Italian, Japanese, Middle Eastern or Indian dishes, there are also establishments which specialize in these types of cuisines.

Paris Restaurant Hours

Don’t expect too much when eating breakfast in Paris, the typical meal includes coffee, a bagel or croissant and fruit. Lunch is served from noon to about two in the afternoon.

Do not go looking for a restaurant which will serve you a full meal at three in the afternoon because this is when they prepare for the evening customers.

Dinner is served at around eight, but the Paris restaurants are open for customers starting at five or six in the evening.