French Cuisine

No matter which part of the world it is that you are in, there will surely be an advertisement for an ‘authentic French‘ restaurant where the finest French cuisine is being served. If you enjoy dining in these establishments, how much more gastronomic will your dining experience be if you will visit the restaurants located in the in City of Lights itself?

Why French Cuisine is Popular the World Over

You only need to hear about the exquisiteness of gourmet food to have an idea as to why French cuisine is popular the world over. Some tourists even flock to the city with the local haute cuisine as their main reason for going!

Staple Foods Items in Paris

So what are the most exciting and mouth-watering food items that you can get to sample in Paris? There are the staple food items like the exquisite cheeses, coffee, baguette, croissant, and of course, the exquisite appetizers and main dishes cooked up by French chefs.

But don’t think that you should limit yourself to eating French food. There are also Japanese restos where you can get cheap sushi, as well as fine Italian restaurants offering antipasto buffets.

Everything that You Need to Know about Paris Restaurants

The good thing about savoring French cuisine is that you’ll never know what to expect. The meals here can be as lavish as an eight-course gourmet meal from an appetizer to desserts – or it can be as simple as a ‘walking lunch’ where you can get to sample treats from one food establishment to another.

Now, depending on your budget, there is a myriad of dining options that you can choose from when visiting Paris. Let’s say your hotel does not offer breakfast, you can visit other hotels which offer a breakfast special, or you can walk though the patisseries which offer bread and croissants.

You can also assemble a picnic for yourself. Visit a grocery store which has a wine section, get a decent bottle of Bordeaux then go to a cheese store which is called a fromagerie. Finally, grab a baguette from a boulangerie and stop by the patisserie for the dessert. That’s a complete, exquisite meal which you can feast on right there in Paris!

Finally, those who would like to have French cuisine dining experience, there are a lot of restaurants, baby bistros and outdoor food markets that you can visit. You can also look for regional restaurants where you can sample a different culinary delight which features the local specialty of the region.

Whether you want to home in on sumptuous French cuisine or if you’re the type to try something new in terms of food – you will never be disappointed with your options when dining at the City of Lights!