Are you visiting romantic Paris in a budget? You might be planning to save as much as possible and dining might be the farthest among your priorities. However, Paris dining is an experience that should not be missed. Food is part of the attractions of Paris and you, as a budget traveler need not miss the chance. Even with a small budget, you can sample and enjoy the best French cuisine.

Skip Expensive Hotel Breakfasts

Would you be staying in hotels? If you are, don’t choose one that offers breakfast because they can be expensive. The best way is to go to cafes and tastes the local food there. There are cafes that offer inexpensive breakfasts like the Laduree on the rue Royale or the Angelina on the rue de Rivoli. But if you are willing to spend a fortune, you can always go to Bed and Breakfast.

Skip Ordering Mineral Water or Sodas

Mineral water and soft drinks are very expensive in restaurants. Instead, you can ask for tap water or what the Parisians call “carafe d’eau”. You need not feel embarrassed to ask for tap water because the French law obliges restaurants to serve one if the guests want it. After your Paris dining, you can instead splurge on mineral water and soft drinks by buying them in groceries, which come cheaper.

Have a Picnic

You need not go to restaurants for that memorable dining. You can go to a supermarket and buy some local cheese, bread and wine and then eat them in a picnic. This is also a fun way to eat while taking on the sights of the beautiful city. Alternatively, you can visit some outdoor markets like the Marche d’Aligre, which has great prices. This is open everyday except Monday.

Don’t Pay for the Restaurant’s Atmosphere

If you’re on budget, don’t choose restaurants that offer a great view of Paris. Usually, these restaurants really charge high for their food menus. You can go to simple restaurants that have a simple and romantic atmosphere.

Other Tips for Your Paris Dining on a Budget

There are many restaurants in Paris that offer cheaper lunches. If you are in a budget, have an early lunch in a restaurant that offers good values and fixed lunch menus.

If you like Asian food, then go ethnic and go to 19th arrondisement, which offers a line of Asian restaurants that can be cheap. You can also look out for buffet offers or “volonte”, which means help yourself. Paris dining shouldn’t be expensive.