Paris Opera

Going to the opera comes so naturally when in Paris. With the lovely ambiance you see and feel all around the city, you would be delighted to continue feeling the passion inside the many Paris opera houses. Your Paris travel and experience will not be complete without visiting them. It would even be better if you actually catch a show or two there.

Opera Garnier

When you say Paris opera, you generally refer to Opera Garnier. Paris Opera is, after all, one name used to call Opera Garnier. Right outside the building, you would immediately see what the prestige of Opera Garnier is about. It is after all the third largest opera houses in the world. In Neo-Baroque style, you would definitely notice the lavish architecture of the Opera Garnier.

Paris Opera accommodates 2,200 seats and it can provide room to as many as 450 artists on stage. Surely, you will be able to enjoy large productions at the Opera Garnier. You will get a sense of how opera is in Paris. Upon entrance, you will immediately see the grand staircase and the grand chandelier that are part of the charm. The front façade of the Paris Opera is lavishly decorated for by busts of many of the composers like Beethoven and Mozart.

Again, the interiors itself is a site you would enjoy. If you want to enjoy ballet while in Paris you’re in for a treat. Opera Garnier or Paris Opera mainly showcases ballet shows. Traditional contemporary dance and productions is certainly something you would get at this opera house. You can catch shows of Ballet de l’Opera de Paris and Opera National de Paris at the Opera Garnier.

Opera Bastille

It’s almost impossible for you to miss Opera Bastille. That’s because the building occupies almost the whole block of Charenton, Moreau and rues de Lyon. This trendy and relatively modern building may not look like an opera house from the outside to you. But this should not stop you from going to Opera Bastille. You will experience the best acoustics once you get inside and watch one of the opera shows in Opera Bastille.

And if you want to watch a show there, you would have to reserve one seat out of the 2700 seats this Paris opera house offers way in advance. That’s because you would only see critically-acclaimed shows at the Opera Bastille. People know that if it’s in this Paris opera house, it should be good.